135-5788 Caterpillar Air Filter

Caterpillar Air Filter 135-5788

Part Number: 135-5788
Category:Air, Primary Magnum RS

Physical Dimensions
Outer Diameter: 8.18 Inches (207.77 MM)
Inner Diameter: 4.82 Inches (122.43 MM)
Length: 14.06 Inches (357.12 MM)
Efficiency: 99.9 Percent
Efficiency Test Std: ISO 5011
Primary Application: HITACHI 4283861
Related Part: P821908 SAFETY

135-5788 Caterpillar Air Filter

Caterpillar Filter Reference: please contact us and let us know the P/N. if you can not find here.

1131578 5I7950 1174089 5I8670 1262081 6I0273 1290373 6I0274
1318821 6I2499 1318822 6I2500 1335673 6I2501 1421339 6I2502
1421340 6I2503 1458862 6I2504 1528843 6I2505 2239856 6I2506
1P2299 6I2507 1P7360 6I2508 1P7716 6I2509 1P8482 6I2510
1P8483 6L4714 1R0658 6L6873 1R0658 7M9045 1R0659 7N1308
1R0711 7N7500 1R0712 7W5313 1R0714 7W5317 1R0716 7W5389
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