51.05504.0096 MANN Filter

MANN Air Filter 51.05504.0096

Category: Air Filter

Physical Dimensions
End 2 ID 39.5 mm (1.555 in)
End 2 OD 84 mm (3.307 in)
End 1 OD 84.5 mm (3.327 in)
Overall Height 212 mm (8.346 in)

51.05504.0096 MANN Filter

MANN Filter Reference: please contact us and let us know the P/N. if you can not find here.

C11401, C1150, C11763, C1184, C1188, C1196, C12100, C121001, C12104, C12114, C121162, C1270, C1281, C131144, C13131, C1337, C1362, C13680, C1371, C1374, C1380, C1396, C13991, C141381, C14159, C14168, C14176, C14177, C14179, C141791, C14190, C14200, C142001, C142021, C1450, C1460, C1468, C15120, C151242, C15163, C151651, C151653, C15176, C1522, C15300, C1565, C16122, C16136, C16140, C16147, C16150, C16167, C16175, C16190, C16200, C16210, C162471, C16302, C16331, C16334, C16335, C16400, C16901, C17124, C17126, C17129, C17134, C17149, C17170, C17201, C17225, C172253

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