7W-2327 Caterpillar Fuel Filter

Caterpillar Fuel Filter 7W-2327

Part Number: 7W-2327
Category:Filter, Fuel Filter, Lube

Physical Dimensions
BPV Setting 76 kPa (11.02 PSI)
Largest OD 93.73 mm (3.69 in)
Overall Height 145.54 mm (5.73 in)
Thread Size 3/4-16 UNF-2B
Lube, Spin-On

7W-2327 Caterpillar Fuel Filter

Caterpillar Filter Reference: please contact us and let us know the P/N. if you can not find here.
1R0726 8N9586 1R0728 9J5461 1R0735 9L9200 1R0739 9M2341
1R0746 9M2342 1R0749 9M9740 1R0750 9N3367 1R0751 9N3368
1R0753 9S9972 1R0756 4J6064 1R0762 4M8047 1R0770 4M9334
2S1286 4N0015 2S1287 4N5823 3S3875 4P0710 4I3931 4P0711
4J0816 4P2839 4T67881131578 5I7950 1174089 5I8670 1262081 6I0273 1290373 6I0274
1318821 6I2499 1318822 6I2500 1335673 6I2501 1421339 6I2502
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