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Just like a human body that is made up of different parts and systems, a machine is made up of various components and parts. And just as the human body needs the different fields of medicine to address specific health problems, automotive care requires different specializations for specific concerns.  We at Fengyue Filtration Industrial Co Ltd fully understand this need. That is why we are focused on a particular aspect of automobiles.

Fengyue Filtration Industrial Co Ltd specializes on automobile filters. We are proud to be among the top companies in the field of research, design, production, and marketing of filters. Our company, founded in 1999, is located in Langfang, Hebei, China. We fully recognize the important and critical role of filters in the overall condition of a vehicle.

There are different types of filters. Feiyue has many, if not all, of them. Of course, different types have different uses. In any case, filtration is very important and should not be neglected. Below are some types of filters we develop and a brief discussion for each.

Air filters function to take out solid particulates from the air including bacteria, pollen, dust, and mold. In vehicles, they serve as cleaners for the air intake into the cabin or passenger compartment. They typically take the form of a pleated-paper filter. Mostly, they are of rectangular shape, fairly similar to the combustion air filter.

In some cases, they are shaped to fit the particular design of the vehicle in order to optimize the available space. This is a feature that has been long overlooked, but can cause significant reduction in the efficiency of a vehicle’s heating and air conditioning performance. We are aware of this and have taken initiatives to address the problem.

Oil filters are significant in automotive care. They are meant to get rid of contaminants from transmission oil, engine oil, and lubricating oil. They are situated in different parts of automobiles and hydraulic machinery. One of the more prominent uses of oil filters is in motor vehicles, some naval vehicles, and light aircraft, specifically in their internal-combustion engines. They are also fitted in automatic transmission systems as well as power steering systems.

Hydraulic systems necessitate filters. Hydraulic filters keep contaminants out such as metal flakes, ash, glass pieces, fibers, lint, sand, and rubber. These contaminants are very small, measuring generally from one to 100 micron. Their small size makes them fairly negligible at first glance. However, accumulating them over time will significantly and negatively affect performance.

The simplest hydraulic filters are composed of layers of fine mesh screens. Other materials we use include membrane, synthetic fiber, micro-glass, woven wire-cloth element, cellulose, and metal edge element. Properties of hydraulic filters include maximum capacity rating, maximum pressure rating, efficiency, reusable element, filter element cartridge type, container or housing, bypass provision, fittings, and mountings.

Our water filters for automotives prevent unwanted particles from typical water sources to get in your vehicle. When using water from an outdoor faucet, they can have a lot of particles that can cause problems for the vehicle and its systems. Some of the most common particles are sediments and minerals.

Minerals, typically magnesium and calcium, could accumulate and cause water spots. Sediments, such as rust and sand, can cause damage to tubes and pipes which will decrease efficiency and if neglected, will eventually render these parts unusable. Many users unknowingly allow these particles into their vehicles, especially if it is not equipped with the right type of filtration mechanism. Water filters ensure that the water entering the vehicle’s systems is clean.

Automotive filtration is the expertise of Fengyue Filtration Industrial Co Ltd. Our company continuously develops different types of filters such as oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, water filter, f/w separator, hydraulic filter, EDM wire cutting filter, among others. We also develop high quality filters for different brands like CAT, Komatsu, Kubota, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Kobelco, Perkins, Cummins, Weichai, Yanmar, Hino, Doosan, and many others at competitive prices. We also export to various countries.


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