B085001 Donaldson Filter

Donaldson Air Filter B085001

Category: Air Filter

Physical Dimensions
End Connection Height 35.052 mm (1.38 in)
End Connection ID 76.2 mm (3 in)
Largest Housing OD 215.9 mm (8.5 in)
Overall Height 314.45 mm (12.38 in)

B085001 Donaldson Filter

Hitachi Filter Reference: please contact us and let us know the P/N. if you can not find here.

P168477, P168478, P168480, P168481, P168482, P168486, P168578, P168579, P170061, P170062, P170063, P170065, P171569, P171570, P171571, P171572, P171573, P171574, P171575, P171576, P171577, P171578, P171579, P171580, P171581, P171582, P171583, P171596, P171599, P171600, P015838, P017056, P017565, P017625, P017626, P017787, P018254, P018490, P018706, P018709, P019159, P019167, P019321, P019327, P100379, P100421, P100544, P100546, P100547, P100551, P100554, P100555, P100556, P100557, P100558, P100559, P100560, P100561, P100590, P100890, P101040, P101045, P101073, P101095, P101146, P101203, P101204, P101222, P101234, P101237, P101240, P101242, P101243, P101246, P101275, P101704, P102525, P102743, P102745, P103443, P103568, P103640, P103688, P103799, P103951, P104384, P104385, P104387, P104712, P104873, P104972, P104986, P105054, P105252, P105259, P105289, P105359, P105368, P105389, P10539, P017064, 9, P105454, P105501, P105555, P105571, P105629, P105934, P105954, P105961, P106042, P106121, P106221, P106273, P106277, P106287, P106375, P106587, P106600, P106611, P106632

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