Caterpillar Filters for Optimal Automotive Performance

Filters are often an overlooked element in automotive care. This should not be the case. Automobile and machinery owners should be mindful of filters as the slightest neglect could cause a significant decline in the performance efficiency of their machines, particularly when used for industrial purposes or applications.

Given that machines are designed differently, their filters are specifically made to suit particular designs. Several factors influence the specifications such as the type of machine and brand. We at Feiyue Filteration Industrial Co Ltd. fully understand the role that filters play in the automotive industry, and why it is important for the filter to fit the specific type and brand of the machine in order for it to function well.

Caterpillar Filters

One name that is quite popular in the manufacture of heavy duty construction and mining equipment is Caterpillar. They are one of the leading providers of industrial machinery, and their machines are used all over the world. The brand has become a trusted name in the industry, and is known for setting the standards for others to follow.

Their wide range of products consists of over 300 different machine models, but one thing remains constant: a Caterpillar machine uses only a Caterpillar filter. Best selling filters for Caterpillar machinery come in different types: air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, and oil filters.

Air Filters

Air filters serve two purposes. For engines, they keep the parts free from contaminants in the incoming air. For the passenger space, they keep the cabin clean and safe for the person inside. In both cases, they keep out solid particulates that can be present in the air. These include pollen, bacteria, mold, and dust. Dust and some other harmful particles are prominent in construction and industrial settings. They can damage the engine or harm the operator.

Unlike other competing brands, air filters from Caterpillar are optimized for efficiency.  Likewise, their cab air filters have odor reduction options.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are used in internal combustion engines. They keep out stray particles in the fuel. They become even more significant due to the tight-tolerance of modern engines. Without filtration, fuel may contain contaminants. For example, paint may chip away and mix in with the fuel, and rust from steel tanks can drift with the fuel current. If these contaminants are not filtered as the fuel is transported through the system, they will induce faster wear and tear in the fuel pump and injectors. Eventually, they will cause the whole system to malfunction.

In terms of efficiency ratings, Caterpillar fuel filters tower above the competition.

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters are for, well, hydraulic systems. They keep out substances such as metal flakes, ash, glass pieces, fibers, lint, sand, and rubber. The filters are made very fine because these contaminants are very small, ranging from one to 100 microns. Accumulation of such contaminants can significantly decrease the efficiency in performance of hydraulic systems. Caterpillar has hydraulic filters with efficiency options starting from standard up to ultra high efficiency.

Oil Filters

Proper automotive care also requires paying attention to oil filters. Oil filters keep contaminants from contaminating the lubricating oil, engine oil, or transmission oil. Caterpillar offers oil filters in various efficiency ratings.

Why Caterpillar Filters Are Preferred

Caterpillar filters are known for their consistency. It means that they protect your systems and help them maintain a consistent performance. Other brands may work, but they would be inferior in quality and may cause performance inconsistencies in your machines. Filters from Caterpillar have acrylic beads that prevent pleat bunching, spiral roving that provides greater pleat stability, nylon center for metal contamination prevention, and molded end caps that prevent leaks.

The most popular filters from Caterpillar include their standard efficiency oil filters like the 1R-0716, and 1R-0726, and their advanced efficiency hydraulic filters like the 1G-8878 and 5I-8670.

At Fengyue Filtration Industrial Co Ltd, we develop high quality Caterpillar filters to protect Caterpillar machines, and help them achieve their maximum efficiency for the longest time possible.

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