Know More about Fuel and Hydraulic Filters

Trucks are complicated vehicles, not unlike the regular car because of its function. Though the concept of an automobile is the same, the similarity ends there. A truck’s task is usually to carry load for long distances of road for a lengthy amount of time. That is why they are treated with a different approach of maintenance and care.

One must ensure that the brakes are working properly and the fuel is tightly shut so that the gasoline/oil would not leak. OEM HINO Filters can provide that extra layer of safety that a truck needs. After all, the HINO brand of trucks is known for their top notch and high-performance trucks, bulk carriers and large vans.

There are two well-known parts of a truck that are constantly checked, regulated and replaced when it comes into engine maintenance. One is the Fuel Pump and Filter and another is the hydraulics, or brake filter.

Gas guzzling in a truck cannot be helped as they drudge the highway carrying heavy load. The constant pulling motion requires them to exert a lot of energy and burn a lot of fuel. A fuel filter can help manage the amount of fuel used so that there would be less waste. Much of these wasted oil becomes gunk and slick, and can become a hazard to the engine if it dries out. One suggestion is prevention by using a heavy duty filter for this type of job.

A hydraulic break filter on the other hand runs from a viscous fluid that runs along strong wires that connects mechanically the brake pads and the pedal. There is also a filter attached between the pistons, so that it can allow the smooth flow of the fluid as soon as the brake pedal is stepped on. It is important that there would be no obstruction and continuous flow is maintained so that  danger would not occur. Especially for trucks, because they carry heavy cargo all the time.

Filters do a lot more for trucks other than for safety measures. They also provide an extra layer of protection. Instead of replacing the whole damaged part, filters have become a kind of “fuse” in case that part of the engine has malfunctioned. In the case of using OEM parts, one can rest easy that they have the best replacement parts for their trucks.

Due to the heavy tasks that trucks do, their engines are subjected to rust and dirt. A fuel filter’s task is to absorb this unwanted residue to keep the engine clean and running. Since trucks run on diesel (usually because of its low cost and they are built and modeled this way) the fuel filter is  made in such a way that it is shaped like a bowl to prevent water from entering the engine. If such a thing happens, it can be expected that the running capability of the vehicle degrades or worse, the whole engine starts petering out.

The same attention goes for the hydraulic brakes. Since the strong wires are degraded from constant use, a filter can help sieve the metal residues of the interior of the wire. The pump intake would then be eased and there would be no blockage to the fluid flow.

The truck’s components are truly wonderful to know more about. It is with utmost care that truck owners pay special attention their vehicles because this is where they get their livelihood from. Maintaining the fuel and hydraulic filters are part of the job, so with regular tune ups and oil change too and they are set to go on the road.

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