Maintaining a Chinese Fuel Filter


China fuel filters are designed for preventing the impurities in gases or the gas from an old gas tank from reaching the engine. A tiny speck of impurity can ruin the engine’s carburetor or the fuel injection line. Either way the scenario does not bode well for the person who owns the car.

Proper maintenance of the fuel filtration device will prevent any sort of problem from occurring. It is important that the fuel filters are cleaned every now and then to ensure that everything will work properly.

Cleaning the fuel filtering component might seem like a daunting task. Truth be told, the task itself is actually fairly easy to do. All it takes is a little bit of knowhow and preparation.


Buying a good chemical cleaner

Cleaning the filter entails the use of certain chemicals that will make the entire process easier. Try to search the internet for which chemical would best suit a certain fuel filter. Buying the right chemical cleaner for China fuel filters is very important.


Locating the fuel filter

          The first step is to look for the device that filters the fuel. This can be done by simply checking the fuel line. Simply look for the line and trace it all the way back to its source in order to find the filtration device. It should appear as a tiny plastic or metal canister that’s attached to the line.


Preventing gas spills

Before taking out the fuel line, you should make sure that it is clamped. The clamps will prevent the gas from spilling once the fuel line is drawn from the filter. Simply tighten the hose clamps about four inches away from both ends.

Place a jar where the filter and the fuel line meet. This way when the plug is pulled from the filter the fuel line will empty its excess contents into the jar. When emptying the gas of the filter it is highly recommended that said contents are poured into the jar as well.


The actual cleaning process

Spray the insides of the filter with a chemical cleaning detergent. Let the chemicals and whatever else there is that comes out of the fuel filter drop into the jar.

Tap the filter on a hard surface or tap it with the handle of the screw driver. After, spray the fuel filter once more with the chosen chemicals.

Once the filter has been cleaned, leave it to dry. Leaving the device to dry usually takes about an hour or so. The filter should only ever be attached once it is completely dry. When attaching the filter make sure that the arrow points towards the direction of the engine.


Final words of wisdom

Fuel filters are one of the most important components in an engine. It is important to make sure that it is functioning properly. If a person is not confident in their cleaning skills, then they might as well have someone else clean it, or have the fuel filter replaced entirely. Thankfully, China fuel filters are not expensive and are easy to find.

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