ME034611 Misubishi Oil Filter

Mitsubishi Oil Filter  ME034611

Part Number: ME034611

Category: Oil Filter


Fits:  Caterpillar, Kobelco Equipment; Mitsubishi Engines
Replaces:  Mitsubishi ME034611

Physical Dimensions

O.D.:  4 11/32 (110.3)
I.D.:  3/4 (19.1)
Length:  7 5/8 (193.7)
A. Gskt.:  [1] Attached
F. Gskt.:  [1] Included
Grommets:  [2] Attached
O. Ring:  [1] Included
UPC:  7 91440 00310 1  


Full-Flow Lube Element


 ME034611 Misubishi Oil Filter

Mitsubishi Filter Reference: please contact us and let us know the P/N. if you can not find here.

ME034611,ME014838,ME014833, MD352626,MD135737,MD069782,32562-60300, 37540-02100 ,37540-11100, 119005-35150, S1560-72190,MD001445,MD031805

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