Oil Filters for a Smooth Performance

Oil is responsible for a lot of things in your car. Oil helps your car maintain a cool temperature, it helps pistons make smooth movements and they filter our small particles that go through your car. Oil is used to filter the air that goes through your car.

Your car runs on air and fuel. Both air and fuel are necessary for proper combustion cycles to occur. Your car’s engine has pistons. Combustion takes place within these pistons. Fuel is injected and lighted inside the piston. The small explosion will expand that piston and cause your car to move forward.

Air is needed for that combustion to happen in the first place. It is the basic process of any kind of combustion. Without air, your car will not move forward. Air is also needed to take away the leftovers of the combustion process. Air blows away the product of the small explosion, which is the smoke that you see coming out of your car’s exhaust. This is necessary for the piston to keep the combustion cycle going.

Your car is constantly taking in and releasing air because of your engine’s needs. This is why it is important to keep the air clean. The air that your car takes in might bring other small particles with it. Particles like sand, small rocks and dust will get under your car’s hood. In small levels, they might not do your car harm. But after a period of time, a build up might be harmful to your car. They may clog valves and tubes, and eventually shorten your car’s life span.

This is where oil filters come in. They filter the oil and collect the small particles that might have mixed with the oil. Oil is an important for your car to function, which is why you need to keep it clean in order to maintain your car’s health. And for this purpose, only OEM replacement filters are ideal.

How it works

Oil may come into contact with the small particles that air brings inside the car. When this happens, the particle might stick and remain suspended on the oil. Looking at the functions your oil fulfills, you cannot afford these particles to go through valves, tubes and the pistons. Build up will be harmful to your car. An oil filter is used to filter the oil before it goes through important parts of your car.

Your oil filter looks like a canister. The oil simply goes through these canisters and undergoes filtering processes before the oil travel to other car parts. There are filters at the base of the canister and perforated synthetic fiber inside the canister.

This filter was invented during the early 1920’s in order to solve the problem of having contamination build up in different parts of the car. They were not included in car manufacturing until the 1950’s. In the 1960’s there were significant advances when it comes to the filters’ performance.

The distance a single filter can survive is lengthened to as far as 4,000 miles. Today, these oil filters, especially those coming from reliable OEM manufacturers, can survive and keep you car clean for as long as 10,000 miles. That is why when filter replacements are required, you must not settle for cheaper alternatives. Instead, go only for OEM replacement filters.

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