P551210 Donaldson Hydraulic Filter

Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P551210 

Part Number: P551210

Category: Hydraulic Filters

Physical Dimensions
Outer Diameter: 5.90 Inches (149.86 MM)
Inner Diameter: 4.34 Inches (110.24 MM)
Length: 17.72 Inches (450.09 MM)
Gasket OD: N/A
Gasket ID: N/A
Efficiency Beta 2: 14 Micron
Efficiency Beta 20: 25 Micron
Efficiency Beta 200: N/A
Efficiency Beta 1000: N/A
Relief Valve Setting: N/A
Application Note: 205-60-51430
Primary Application: KOMATSU 07063-01210
Related Part: P551334 IS WITH ADD O-RING
Price Type: F

P551210 Donaldson Hydraulic Filter

Donaldson Filter Reference: please contact us and let us know the P/N. if you can not find here.

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