Symptoms of a Bad Oil Filter


A lot of people use China oil filters in their cars. Cheap and reliable, the oil filtration devices that China produces are what most consumers have in mind. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to check if their filter has a problem.

There are numerous symptoms and signs that car owners need to be aware of. The filter is one of the most important components in a car. It is responsible for making sure that the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, and engine oil are all free from contaminants.

Below are a few symptoms and signs that owners need to look out for that will tell them that they have a problem on their hands.

First of all…

It must be noted that it can be quite difficult to determine, without actually dismantling the engine, if the filter has gone bad. These filtration devices have this safety feature which allows unfiltered oil to pass through. This safety feature exists because unfiltered oil is a lot better than no oil at all. There are however, certain telltale signs.

Leaks are a serious problem

The filter cannot cope with the change in temperature in an engine whenever it has a serious clogging issue or is badly damaged. The inability to cope with the temperature leads to the oil filter cracking or rupturing.

A crack or a rupture in the filtering device means that the oil will return to the oil pan. This problem might cause the pan to leak oil out onto the surface. In these situations, changing the filtering device also means having to change the oil pan.

Check the temperature

Another telltale sign that oil filters are having issues is the temperature. The term “running hot” is used to refer to a car that is running beyond its normal temperature range. The typical operating temperature range for an engine lies somewhere between 195 up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit; anything beyond that means that the engine has a problem.

Oil serves to lubricate the different parts of the car. Not enough oil causes friction, which in turn produces heat throughout the entire car. The car’s cooling system will eventually be unable to keep up with the excess heat, hence the rise in temperature beyond normal operational limits.

If this happens the first thing to do is to turn the car’s heater to its maximum setting. This will allow the hot air from the engine to enter the cab which will temporarily cool the engine. Drive home or to the nearest mechanic to determine the underlying cause.

There’s also the check engine light

The filter by itself does not cause the check engine light to turn on, but it can be the source. Oil that hasn’t been filtered properly will cause certain parts of the engine to malfunction. Eventually, the engine won’t be able to tolerate the stress. This is where the check engine light will turn on to indicate that there’s a problem.

China oil filters are reliable, but can still cause certain engine problems if it isn’t properly maintained.

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