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Filters are an example of machine components that are often overlooked when it comes to automotive care. It might be due to the fact that they are rather small parts of major components, such as the engine or transmission systems, or maybe, it is because they are only recent improvements added to some systems.

Whatever the reason may be, filters deserve proper attention. It is very important to maintain them since neglect can cause a significant reduction in overall machine efficiency.  No one wants that, especially if the machines are used for industrial applications such as those for mining and construction.

In manufacturing filters, it is essential to remember that the systems in various machines of different brands will require specific filters. Feiyue Filteration Industrial Co Ltd, based on Quanzhou, China, recognizes this fact. And this is what makes it a top professional manufacturer of filters.

Feiyue is a leading light in the research, design, production, and marketing of filters. They have decided to focus on, and specialize in filters because of their full appreciation of this component’s importance in the automotive industry. Among Feiyue’s top products are Volvo filters.

Volvo is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction equipment. They take pride in providing the right machine and the right solution for various construction jobs with their full product range available throughout the world.

The right choice of filters will give you great advantage. You will have better safety and economy when your equipment are fitted with the right filters. One of Volvo’s biggest advantages over other brands is its wide range of filter products that can guaranty a filter solution that will be compatible to every environment, machine, and component. Aside from this, filters from Volvo are built to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme heat, cold, and rain. Machine vibration and shaking are also taken into consideration.

Among the qualities of genuine Volvo filters are: high dirt capacity – which means there are longer intervals in between replacements without any decline in performance; high cleaning efficiency that is at par with the engine, transmission, hydraulic, or any system where it is intended to be used; high quality filter material, and stable casings resistant to corrosion.

Oil filters have to endure great stress. Pressure steadily increases in the systems. Oil filters have to be elastic and tolerant of pressure changes. Thus, oil filters for Volvo machines have the edge over other brands because they are be capable of: filtering harmful particles via special types of filter media, preventing leaks by withstanding vibrations and pressure with elastic bonded joints, and sealing between the filter and mounting via special rubber. They also come with heavy duty metal casing to protect them from impact and shock.

Volvo fuel filters are another premiere product in this class. They are essential since fuel is never completely clean. During refueling, other materials such as fine grains of sand, dust, and paint chips, may contaminate the fuel. If they get into the combustion engine, they will cause damage to many components. It is the job of the fuel filter to keep these stray substances out so that they can’t reach the critical parts, like the injection pump.

Characteristics of fuel filters made for Volvo machines are: elastic rubber seal to prevent leaks even in the toughest of situations; filter elements specifically designed for changing pressures and vibrations; and high dirt capacity so that they don’t need to be changed often.

Other Volvo filters include coolant filters, cabin filters, hydraulic filters, air and safety filters, and breather filters. Fengyue Filtration Industrial Co Ltd manufactures them in accordance to Volvo’s specifications for automotive maintenance products to ensure top-notch quality and incredible performance. Among their best selling products are their high efficiency fuel filters like the 8193841 and 11989962 models, and high efficiency air filters like the 20405827 and 3826215 models.

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