Tractors and Forklifts: Hydraulic Power Machines

B95-MPG Baldwin FilterHeavy Engineering vehicles throughout the latter half of this century have been a big part of the global industrialization experience. They are able to build skyscrapers, bridges and every imaginable structure you can think of.  Each one has a different function and are used in various fields.

Tractors and Forklifts are used in lifting heavy loads. Usually they are deployed in construction services for carrying debris and transporting large objects in a short span of time. These vehicles use either Hydraulic or Pneumatic Power.   Hydraulic-powered Forklifts need fluid to be able to move while Pneumatic-power has pressurized air. The material moves inside many piston tubes that redirect the flow of the fluid or air according to the desired movement of the machine’s arm.  This process functions like the simple machine called a lever.

In order to make this process run as smooth as possible, there is a need to keep the piston pumps well-oiled and maintained. Using OEM Baldwin Filters, they can work  to their fullest.  As long as the flow is not obstructed, the tube filled with either air or water would flow rapidly to the lifting arm of the machine also known as its load.

Tractors also work this way. Usually in an up and down fashion, this heavy machinery is used for either construction and agricultural services. A standard semi-tractor can carry approximately twenty tonnes of weight. It is an amazing invention that can make a builder/farmer’s tedious work.

One can understand better the importance of hydraulic/pneumatic filters by knowing extensively the process of Hydraulics. This is how it works: There are two cylinders, connected by a thin long tube of proportional size to the two tubes. The first cylinder is where the fluid/air would come from, and the pressure that is pushed down goes through the tubes, thus pushing all the force to the second larger tube where the load is located. B75 Baldwin Filter

The filters assist in the fine current of the pressure of the fluid. Original Equipment Manufacturer quality filters ensure that there is no obstruction to the flow, thus maintaining the necessary movement desired for the lifting arm.

Hydraulic Power Machines, just like any vehicle needs constant maintenance, and filters are just one of the spare parts that should be checked upon regularly.  Aside from the cogs and gears of these expensive equipments, using the proper oil that goes alongside these filters should keep your tractor and/or forklift in good working condition. The operator of the said heavy vehicles is responsible too. They must be able to check with regular inspections the condition of their tractors/forklifts.
The amazing thing about Hydraulics is that they can make repetitive and hard jobs easier. Other than their use of heavy lifting these pumps are used in brakes or any device that needs to be immediately stopped. Imagine if the brake system malfunctions, it could cause injury to a driver. It is advisable to use a certified Baldwin Filter and have it installed in the hydraulic brakes.  That way, you can be sure that you have a line of security that it would work properly.


These Heavy machines are very powerful indeed all thanks to the ingenuity of the makers and all the tiny components that make up the whole tractor/forklift. The optimum machine runs smoothly if the hydraulics is engineered to near perfection from the pistons, cylinders, tubes, oil and also the filters. These heavy machineries such as tractors and forklifts are  precursors to what we can expect to come from the future to come; It is an amalgam of industriousness, perseverance and creativity all rolled into one.

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