What Makes OEM Donaldson Filters Better Than Other Brands?

Donaldson Company, Inc. is an integrated filtration company that produces and markets products for improving air efficiency and quality. Donaldson products are used in various industry sectors, which include commercial and industrial sectors, aerospace sector, and chemical production sector. Donaldson Company offers products used for air filtration, lube/fuel/coolant filtration, and hydraulic filtration. OEM Donaldson filters are also available for use in engines, exhausts, transmissions of all vehicle types, vents in private vehicles, pipeline hydraulics, windmills and other heavy equipment. OEM Donaldson filters are designed to meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), while ensuring local availability. Customers are assured of high quality at reasonable price when purchasing OEM Donaldson filters.

P821575 Donaldson Air Filter

The Donaldson air filtration technology was developed to provide improved air filtration for on-road or off-road applications in different operating environments. OEM Donaldson air filters are designed to protect engines, ensure longer filter life, and assure high filter quality and reliability. Donaldson Company is considered as the pioneer in developing heavy-duty engine air filtration. And because they are also considered as the industry leader in the field of filtration, the Donaldson Company sets the standard for filtration performance.

OEM Donaldson liquid filters for lube/fuel/coolant filtration are offered with innovative designs. They are used especially in heavy-duty engines that require optimum filtration operation. OEM Donaldson liquid filters are manufactured to surpass other competitive filter brands in terms of filter life and engine protection.

P564425 Donaldson Hydraulic Filter

OEM Donaldson hydraulic filters are available to protect machinery and components in a number of applications. Donaldson hydraulic filtration line includes filters heads, replacement cartridges, Duramax spin-on filters, and hydraulic accessories suitable for use in factories and on heavy-duty mobile equipment.

OEM Donaldson filters ensure the flow of clean oil which is vital to engine performance. Dirty oil in the engine causes numerous engine problems and costly engine damage. Minimize costly engine downtime and repairs by using OEM Donaldson filters. In addition, OEM Donaldson filters are designed to operate with high efficiency in protecting equipment, and are easy to maintain. They also come with a warranty.

Other Donaldson products offered include Donaldson Electronic Equipment (EE) filters, Engine Air Intake filters, products for Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Donaldson exhaust system products, indicators and control valves, liquid filtration products, and pneumatic system products.

Donaldson EE filters are designed to eliminate lint and other particles from avionics cooling systems, in-flight entertainment (IFE) equipment, and other electrical equipment in commercial and private aircrafts. Donaldson EE filters include EE compartment filters, IFE filters, aircraft EE filters, and general aviation instrument air filters.
P554073 Donaldson Coolant Filter

Engine air intake filters are used to reduce component wear, improve engine performance, and prolong engine life. They are designed to remove dust from the air before the air reaches the engine. They are made in various sizes and filter media choices for suitable use in a wide range of applications.

ECS products are developed to reduce operational cost, while providing clean, pleasant and comfortable cabin environments for the crew and passengers. ECS products include High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters for aerosol particulate removal, and chemical filters for reducing organic volatile compounds and odors from aircraft and vehicle cabins.

Donaldson exhaust system products are developed to meet current and future regulatory standards all over the world. Donaldson exhaust system products are suitable for use in a wide variety of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment. They are especially designed for improved product performance and durability.

The Donaldson indicators and control valves are designed to work with Donaldson specialty filters used in aerospace, defense, environmental, and mechanical support systems.

Donaldson liquid filters are designed to meet specifications and tolerances of engines and equipment to achieve peak engine and equipment performance.

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